The Power of School Uniforms

The Power of School Uniforms

Traditionally favored by private and parochial schools, school uniforms in the United States have a long history of debate – reaching the Supreme Court back in 1969 and resurfacing again in the 1990s. While uniform programs still ignite spirited discussions among educators and families today, the concept is certainly not a new one. Evidence of wearing uniforms shows up as far back as the 13th century, and across the globe, in every continent, uniforms are found on students in nearly every country, producing a wide range of benefits for communities, schools, parents and students.

Why School Uniforms Matter

Decades of study and research have shown that school uniforms make a difference in the lives of students and families across the nation and around the world. Here at DENNIS, we believe in the positive impact and advantages of school uniforms! It’s the cornerstone of our mission – to design and deliver the highest quality uniforms and programs in the USA, and for over 100 years, we’ve led the industry doing just that.

Improving Relationships Between Students

Uniforms provide a focused environment for growing minds! Ask any student or parent: clothing is a major contributor to bullying and peer pressure among school-aged boys and girls. By implementing a uniform program – one that requires students to dress in like fashion, schools eliminate the friction caused by name brands and the classroom distraction brought about by style fads and trends. Research has proven that uniforms reduce instances of on-campus violence and bullying as well as discipline referrals.

Reducing Socioeconomic Imbalance

Not every family can easily afford every season’s new fashion trends. Whether a child is conscious of it or not, students of all ages are affected by their family’s socioeconomic status. Studies have shown that children of a perceived lower SES experience lower self-esteem, while results from the same study also suggested lower academic test scores. By wearing a school uniform, the student’s perception of their social acceptance (and thereby academic value) is reduced, clearing the way for confidence and classroom success.

Building School Awareness & Increasing Safety

When a school’s uniform is unique with its own logo, color palette and plaid patterns, students are more easily identified when out of the classroom. Research shows that uniforms correlate with a significant improvement in class attendance, as well. By uniting students, they are given a greater sense of belonging, identification and school pride.

Cutting Costs for Families

For the most part, items on a school’s uniform list are much more affordable than the name brands children ask for. In a recent survey, parents said that having uniforms made it much easier to shop for school clothes every year, as well as making getting ready in the morning a much faster, smoother process. And here at DENNIS Uniform, our products are made with sourced yarns and fabric of the highest quality, making them much more durable and longer lasting than fast-fashion labels.

DENNIS Builds Uniform Programs that Work

If your school is looking to implement a uniform program or find a new uniform partner, you’re in good hands. Our in-house account management and development team will guide you every step of the way to creating a uniform program that benefits students, their families and your school. From colors to logo, plaid to polo, we’ll design uniforms that identify your school with style and pride. Our more than 100 years of expertise has helped realize the vision of thousands of schools around the nation. Choose DENNIS as your school uniform partner!

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