Best in Class: Plaids, Pleats and Polos by DENNIS Uniform

Best in Class: Plaids, Pleats and Polos by DENNIS Uniform

There's no debate – DENNIS products bring quality, style, comfort and longevity to every school uniform. There are so many things we want to tell our customers about our best-in-class products, so we thought we'd start with three of our favorites: plaids, polos and pleats. (And who doesn’t love a little alliteration?)


Best in Class Plaids: A DENNIS Tradition

There is no better way to display school spirit than with a spirited, polished plaid. Worn as a jumper or a shift, a tie or a pleated skirt, plaids are an essential part of school uniforms and a major identifier of an individual school. But a plaid only looks as good as its fabric holds shape and retains color. In schools across the nation, DENNIS plaids are regarded as the industry standard – for over a century, we’ve been improving our technologies to weave better and better fabric, and it all starts with having better yarn.

For us (schools and parents agree), top-quality yarn means performance. Comfortable and moveable, our plaids have impeccable drape with no stiffness – smooth and fresh without feeling starchy. Better yarn also means those school colors won’t fade - they stay bright and look good as new, wash after wash. Whether a school uniform program has skirts or skorts, jumpers, shifts or all the above, they'll get longevity and performance in every DENNIS plaid. And what makes a plaid look and feel exceptional? Pleats of the highest quality!


Unbeatable Pleats: Fresh from the Oven

You've heard of fresh-baked cookies, fresh-baked bread … how about fresh-baked pleats? While DENNIS may not be your favorite neighborhood bakery, we are one of the only uniform providers to use ovens when manufacturing our durable pleated skirts and pants. Here, our pleats are permanently "baked in" – a process that uses a heated mold to permanently press the sturdy fibers and set the pleat. It also resists wrinkling and pilling! No more worrying about keeping pleats pressed – wear after wear, wash after wash, every pleat stays in place. Whichever pleated pattern or garment a school chooses for their uniform program, every student will look tailored, stay neat and leave a great impression. The perfect partner to a pleated plaid? A polished polo, of course!


DENNIS Polos: Quintessential Quality

What makes a structure endure? It starts with a solid foundation, then sturdy framework, then added features to protect against the elements. It is the same with a great polo – construction is key. Our foundation is our combed cotton, ring-spun yarns – strong and durable without the bulk, woven to perform and resist pilling, fading or wrinkling. The sturdy framework is in the seams – double-needle topstitching adds stability and strength to every seam. Added features? Our polos have plenty, from flat knit collars that won’t curl to a drop tail hem and side vents that make movement easy.

DENNIS polos are available in several styles – the classic jersey knit and our newest tech mesh with moisture-wicking technology, perfect for the classroom and the athletic field. Worn by thousands of students every single day, DENNIS polos are built to last.

These are only three of DENNIS Uniform’s top-quality pieces and features, but they help to set the industry-leading standard we meet for all our uniform products. Check back soon for more as we continue the Best-in-Class series. CLICK HERE to shop a sample school and see some of our best-in-class products.

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