School Uniforms Matter

School Uniforms Change Lives

Here at DENNIS, we believe in the positive impact and advantages of school uniforms. That’s why we design and deliver the highest quality uniforms and programs in the nation, standing the test of time. Decades of study and research prove that uniforms produce a wide range of benefits for communities, schools, parents and students.

School uniforms make a difference in the lives of students and families across the nation and around the world.

Improving Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Clothing is a major theme of bullying and peer pressure among school-aged boys and girls. By requiring students to dress in like uniforms, schools eliminate the tension driven by fashion trends and name brands. Studies show that uniforms reduce bullying instances, on-campus violence and discipline referrals, as well as providing a more focused, less distracted learning environment for growing minds.

Reducing Socioeconomic Disparities

Realistically, not every family can afford the season’s latest trends. And consciously or unconsciously, students of all ages are affected by socioeconomic status. Research shows that students of a perceived lower SES experience a lack of self-esteem, while results from this research also suggested lower academic test scores. School uniforms reduce students’ perception of their social acceptance and academic value, clearing the way for confidence and educational success.

Strengthening Student Safety

When a school’s uniform is unique with its own plaid, logo or colors, this helps to easily and quickly identify students who are out of the classroom, greatly improving community safety. Studies have shown uniforms make a tremendous improvement in class attendance, too! By unifying students with a sense of pride, belonging and identification, school uniforms shift the focus to learning.

Delivering Cost Savings

The items on a school uniform list are usually more affordable than the name brands kids ask for. On top of that, DENNIS Uniform garments are made with the highest-quality yarns and fabric, making them much more durable and much longer lasting than fast fashion labels. Parents surveyed said that uniforms make it easier to shop for school clothes, eliminate battles with the kids over what to wear every day, and greatly increase the speed of getting ready in the morning.

About Our Products

We Build Uniform Programs that Work!

You’re in good hands! Our in-house team is here to guide your uniform program every step of the way. From top to bottom, plaid to logo, we’ll make sure your uniform identifies your school with style and pride.

  • Start with your school’s distinctive color palette.
  • Select a plaid to enhance your school identity – over 100 to choose from!
  • Choose a style: classic or contemporary! Select tops, bottoms, formalwear, outerwear and more.
  • Add your school’s logo, from screen prints to embroidery and beyond.
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