Welcome to DENNIS! Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, we’ve been designing uniforms and uniform programs for nearly a century. We’re proud to partner with schools and families as they work to bring their educational vision to life.

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Teach us about your school!


Information about your school’s enrollment, grade levels, and what kind of uniform items your students wear give us an idea of how we can best help. Call us at 800.854.6951, send us an email, or – for a faster, more comprehensive response – fill out our New School Information Form! (Time required: 5–10 minutes)


Learn a little about how the school uniform business works.


Did you know? Our school uniform development calendar aligns closely with a school’s academic year! When schools are just beginning their year, we are already working hard to forecast our uniform inventory requirements for the next Back-to-School shopping season. This process picks up steam between October and February – our prime season for developing partnerships with new schools. We always want to do our best to fulfill our customers’ school uniform expectations. This means having product available and ready to ship when customers place orders. To ensure we are able to prepare ample inventory for the following Back-to-School season, we need to finalize the details of a new school’s uniform program no later than the end of February!


To make sure we are prepared to outfit every student by the first day of school, it is sometimes necessary for us to limit the volume of our new school partnerships.


What does this mean for prospective new school partners? Depending on the overall number of new school inquiries we receive, we establish a per school enrollment minimum each year. When we start talking, we will help you determine if your school’s enrollment meets the minimum. This limitation is in place only because we have to make sure our inventory levels are able to align with customer needs for the next Back-to-School shopping season.


When your school and DENNIS are ready to move forward.


First, we’ll meet with you in person to discuss the details of your school’s uniform program. We need as much information as possible to determine how we will source and/or manufacture your uniform items. We’ll need to learn about your school’s colors and brand identity, and obtain digital artwork of your school’s logo so we can begin developing your customized uniform program. (Average time required: 1–2 weeks)


Product sourcing.


Our product team will analyze your desired uniform items. For items like basic uniform polos or uniform pants, our high-quality DENNIS products will be a great match. For more specialized items, like custom plaid skirts or jumpers in your school’s unique plaid, we may have to find a match for your fabric and custom-design a product that meets your needs. This process takes a little time, but it’s worth it to fine-tune your DENNIS uniform program to fit your vision and your students! (Average time required: 2–4 weeks)


Logo development.


In order to create your custom school-branded uniform items, from a blazer with an embroidered crest to a screen-printed gym uniform, our logo development team will take sample garments, digital artwork and your specific wish list – then, we mobilize to create customized products that fit your school’s brand identity! This process can also be time-consuming, but our brand experts will work directly with you to ensure that every detail is just right: color, artwork, production. We can even work with your school to revise your existing logo or develop an entirely new one. (Average time required: 1–3 weeks)


Signing off on your uniform program.


Once we have worked out all the details of your school’s specific uniform items, we’ll meet with you again to review the customized program we’ve developed to make certain it meets your expectations. This is your opportunity to ask questions before we finalize our Agreement. In return, DENNIS will begin the process of manufacturing your school’s custom uniform items to ensure your families have what they need for the upcoming school year. (Average total cumulative time required from start to finish: 6–9 weeks)


When will my school’s new DENNIS uniform be available to purchase?


This will depend on the efficiency and timing of the decision-making process. From our initial meeting to final sign-off of your required items and logo artwork, the average total time required is cumulatively 6–9 weeks. Production of your school’s new DENNIS uniform will begin within 4–8 weeks of final sign-off of your custom program. In the first year of our partnership, your school’s custom DENNIS web store will “go live” within 2 weeks of the final sign-off of your custom program. Custom uniform items, including logo wear, will be ready to ship 2–6 weeks before your school start date, and thereafter be available in-stock and ready to ship year-round. Non-custom items (those without a logo) will be available for purchase the moment your custom DENNIS web store goes live.


Enjoy your new uniform partnership with DENNIS!


The benefits of partnering with DENNIS extend beyond getting a great, consistent, branded program of high-quality uniform items for your families. As your partner, we also offer many ways to help families and your school community with promotions throughout the year, uniform scholarships for families in need, and special events designed just for your school. We also love to contribute to fundraising and event sponsorship! Talk to your Regional Account Manager to learn more about the ways DENNIS can help support your families and school community.