Fit and Function for DENNIS Toddlers

Fit and Function for DENNIS Toddlers

We partner with many schools that serve toddler-age students, designing programs, dress codes and products that cater specifically to this unique age group. Developing top-quality uniforms for our youngest uniform wearers involves careful consideration of many special factors. Our product development team works hard to create durable, properly fitted garments that support the active, playful movements of toddlers and young students while providing overall comfort through soft fabric selection and thoughtful, functional features.  

Special Pattern Development 

We understand that toddler figures are different – they’re typically a distinct set of dimensions, different from kids of any other age, with slightly rounder middles and overall shorter profiles. Rather than just scaling down a youth size to a toddler size, our team creates special patterns that address the particular needs and sizing of students at this age and body shape.  

Age-Appropriate Features 

To help both parents and students in dressing ease, we offer a number of features for added simplicity in toddler uniform wardrobes, including pull-on pants and shorts and bottoms with stretchy, elastic waistbands. Growth features that help clothes fit longer such as extendable waists are also options in many styles. Additionally, our selected accessories for our youngest customers provide both safety and ease in wear with features like quick magnetic closures on belts and breakaway ties.  

Product Offerings 

Most of our uniform categories are available for toddlers, including tidy polos, oxford shirts, cute blouses, playful dresses and jumpers, cozy cardigans, vests and so much more! Whether school programs require additional outerwear, school colors-customized accessories or just the basics, our toddler collection provides a great variety that lets parents thoroughly enjoy shopping for their little ones’ school days.  

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