Creating the Modern Classic Uniform

Creating the Modern Classic Uniform

We’ve served multiple generations of students over the more than hundred years DENNIS Uniform has been manufacturing top-quality uniforms and garments. Our experience in this extended time of service has shown us that the best way to satisfy our school partners, families and the students who wear our uniforms every day is through creating a purposeful mix of tradition and innovation in our products. We take this challenge to heart and make sure it’s reflected in our uniform silhouettes and designs, our individual garment features and our across-the board focus on durability.  


Heritage is important to us. We aren’t interested in trends that rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Instead, we focus on designing uniforms that last, not just through the duration of our guarantee, but throughout a student’s time in school and beyond. Traditional style keeps its appeal when approached with the long view! Our school partners trust us with showcasing their identity through dress code, custom school colors, plaid selection and professionally designed and applied branded logo decoration. We understand the weight of this trust and maintain each partner’s heritage throughout our partnership.  


Today’s students require uniforms that keep up with their on-the-go lives and active days. Contemporary features and creative garment builds are imperative to ensuring we’re offering the best options. Our product development team selects the best-performing yarns and fabric constructions for our uniforms, opting for durable weaves and knits that naturally resist pilling and wrinkling while providing added comfort in different environments and climates. We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and provide students with high-performing attire that brings great value to families. 


We make garments that are built to last, and guarantee they’ll do so through an entire calendar year’s worth of normal wear and tear – we’re not in the business of fast fashion. In fact, most students actually outgrow their uniforms long before they wear out! Manufacturing clothing takes valuable resources, labor and expertise, and we stay focused on making sure our products are always well designed and executed with durability in mind.  

We use our modern approach to create classic pieces with traditional style for this generation of students – and the next! Read more about our products at  

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