Creating a Thriving Company Culture

Creating a Thriving Company Culture

In this last installment of DENNIS Uniform’s core values series, we want to talk about a subject that has been at the heart of all our values and our company since the beginning: culture. Creating a culture that is driven by new ideas, focused on encouraging employees and delivering great customer service starts at the top, with the leaders. Here are three ways leaders can build a thriving company culture that works for everyone.

Listening More, Speaking Less. Above all, every customer and every team member wants to know that their experiences, opinions and ideas are heard and valued. Take the time to listen to the thoughts and expressions of your customers and your team – the more you listen (as opposed to waiting to speak), the more you’ll be able to find solutions, and you will find that you’ll be listened to when you speak. Listening first and speaking second also produces the most important benefit of all: staying aligned with the objectives and goals of your customers.

Celebrating Success, Evaluating Failure. In leadership positions it’s important to have a down-to-earth, realistic mindset about success and failure. Knowing what success requires – patience, efficiency, productivity, communication, fill in your own idea here – will help you see what went wrong when failure does occur. Both success and failure require one very important key: humility. Humbly celebrate success and generously congratulate your team and everyone who played a role. At the same time, humbly accept where things went wrong and take the time to evaluate why, to make any future adaptation and adjustments.

Admitting Mistakes, Apologizing with Action. Let’s be logical – mishaps will happen from time to time! Don’t attempt to cover up errors or find something to blame – great leaders let go of pride and admit mistakes without hesitating to apologize. After a setback, regroup with your team and determine whether or not the mistake is something fixable or something you and your team can learn from. Then, quickly follow up with solution-driven pro-action! From your customer’s point of view, admitting mistakes and quickly moving to resolve them displays honesty, humility and integrity within your company – three things that can never fail.

Leading by example, these are just a few ways that contribute to generating a healthy and prosperous company culture.

Established in 1920 in Portland, Oregon, 2020 marked 100 years of expertise from DENNIS Uniform. Celebrating a century of school partnerships and three generations of satisfied families, DENNIS Uniform is the largest school uniform provider in the United States. 

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