Creating Comfort

Creating Comfort

The average American student spends more than 1000 hours in school per year – that’s a lot of hours in school uniforms, including extra time at after-school events, extracurricular clubs and all the transport between. At DENNIS, we know students need to feel their best to learn, develop and perform. We work hard to make sure our uniform pieces are not just stylish, sharp and durable, but comfortable and easy to wear as well.

Our initial selection of high-quality materials helps ensure we create uniforms that feel great on the skin. The DENNIS product development team carefully chooses from the best yarns available to produce a variety of garment types utilizing different fabrics and blends to suit the many activities of today’s busy student.

Softness of fabric is an important feature for wearability of any uniform item, but breathability and flow are also critical factors in the overall comfort of our clothing. We are constantly embracing new fabric technologies to help wick away moisture and keep ventilation high for extended wear in challenging conditions. DENNIS students live in all types of environments, from warm rainforests to hot deserts and a whole range of continental chilly wintertimes, so we’ve created adaptive garment options for staying warm or cool in just about any climate. Offering uniforms that keep students at the right temperature also extends their wear, allowing items to stay fresh and tidy and need fewer cycles in the wash.

For students with sensitive skin or special sensory needs, our Tech line of products offers added moisture control as well as contemporary blended two-way stretch mesh and twill fabrics for a high-performing, gentle wear experience. Many of our products also include adjustable waistbands (in bottoms and jumpers) to keep quickly growing students in their uniform pieces for as much time as possible before needing to size up. We know how fast those growth spurts can be!

We stand behind the quality of our comfortable uniform products year after year. With more than 10 decades of expertise outfitting students, we take pride in leading the industry with our attention to detail and focus on improving students’ school experiences through the garments they wear.

Visit our Product Page to learn more about our approach to creating comfort in our top-selling uniforms!

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