The DENNIS Tech Line – Uniform Innovation

The DENNIS Tech Line – Uniform Innovation

With more than 100 years of operating experience, we’re able to make thoughtful decisions at DENNIS when it comes to designing new uniform pieces. Our goal has always been to focus on timeless styles and classic garments, from our plaid jumpers to our piqué polos and our always-elegant pleated skirts. As our industry grows, we’ve had the opportunity to incorporate forward-thinking fabric technology into our uniforms, bringing new and exciting elements to our program offerings. Added to our catalog in 2020 to great success, our modern Tech line allow students to stay cool and composed in Tech Mesh polos or jump from reading to recess in classic two-way stretch Tech Twill bottoms. Our Tech line of products features innovative designs to support active students in a variety of environments for ultimate comfort and resilience while maintaining the classic silhouette and style DENNIS uniforms are known for.

Tech Polos

Bringing added comfort and functionality into the most classic of uniform pieces, our Tech Mesh Polo offers a soft wicking layer on the skin that pulls moisture away, allowing for quick evaporation by the garment’s outside material. Ideal in times of humidity and heat or quickly changing weather, the Tech Mesh Polo is smart in all conditions. Our students are located all across the nation in a variety of climates, from south Florida’s balmy warmth to the chilly lake winds of Illinois – so our uniforms must provide good options for everyone. The Tech Mesh Polo maintains the same silhouette as our jersey polos and includes our favorite features, from curl-preventing tapered neck seams, robust double-needling topstitching for extra durability and side vents for easy movement.

Tech Twill

Our Tech Twill pants, skorts and shorts blend creative construction and a sophisticated look without compromise. Utilizing a breathable and lightweight polyester, these contemporary garments provide lively students with unbeatable support and flexibility. Featuring a functional silhouette with an easy fit in waist and hips and a lightly tapered leg, the Tech line of bottoms are made for today’s busy kids!

The DENNIS Tech line is growing, and we’re excited to add new products into this special set of uniform options as time goes on. Our product development team works hard to develop the ideal garments for modern students from meticulous yarn selection to careful fabric review, all with our guarantee for durability in mind. As with our other products, the Tech line is covered for life against manufacturing defects and for one calendar year’s worth of normal wear and tear.

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