The DENNIS Tech Collection Expansion

The DENNIS Tech Collection Expansion

We introduced the Tech Collection to our uniform catalog in 2020, bringing the best of forward-thinking fabric technology into DENNIS school uniforms. This collection features innovative design to support active students in a variety of environments for ultimate comfort and resilience while maintaining classic silhouettes and style. Students stay cool and composed through a range of activities with these soft and sleek items which have replaced our Performance line of products to great reception. This year we have also added on new gym wear items and are happy to announce further expansion in 2024 of the Tech Collection as our product development team completes their efforts to design, test and manufacture new bottoms as well.

Feminine Fit Mid-Rise Tech Twill Pants and Shorts

Available in 2024, our new more tailored-silhouette tapered leg pants and feminine fit short options are ideal for those desiring an overall more fitted look. Our unisex pants and shorts have become popular with students of all ages, and this continually increasing demand has inspired our team to diversify offerings in this category. With all the same benefits as our existing Tech Twill bottoms, including two-way stretch fabric, we’re confident our additions to the collection will also become quick favorites for many of our students.

Gym Wear

We know students demand high-performing apparel for gym class, sports and other physical activities, and our new Tech Mesh T-Shirts and Gym Shorts offer the ultimate lineup of features to keep students focused on the game. Our Tech Mesh T-Shirts in unisex and stylish feminine fit V-neck options give students versatility of wear from the gym right back to class. These casual pieces were thoughtfully designed to be tidy and stylish in multiple settings. And with a lightweight fabric blend built to provide resistance to wrinkles, our Tech Mesh Gym Shorts offer moisture-wicking features and flexible two-way stretch with quick-dry functionality – optimal performance highlights for PE uniforms.

Our product development team works hard to develop the best uniform options for modern students, starting from meticulous selection of yarn to careful fabric testing and review, all alongside our 100% guarantee on durability and manufacturing quality. With innovation always in mind, the DENNIS Tech Collection is made for today’s busy kids. 

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