DENNIS Outerwear

DENNIS Outerwear

DENNIS students are located all across the nation and require a wide range of uniform options depending on their local climate. From the humidity of South Florida, the dry deserts of Nevada, midwestern chilly midwestern wintertimes and everything in between, we design our products to adapt and conform to quickly changing temperatures and all kinds of activities. We know that when students are comfortable, they’re ready to succeed – that’s why we’re happy to provide schools and students with DENNIS uniforms to help support student potential every day. Temperatures vary across the regions throughout the year, so we focus on creating a great selection of layering options and outerwear for those cooler days.

Fleece Pullovers and Vests

The coziest of options! Our soft microfleece vests, jackets and pullovers offer warmth without extra bulk and include features like low-volume mesh-lined pockets, wind-resistant collars and stylish silhouettes along with our 100% durable fabric guarantee. Vests are the perfect outerwear option to continue showcasing a full uniform ensemble beneath – plus, all our fleece items look great with custom logos applied!

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

A casual layering option for daily wear, perfect for staying warm during PE or gym class, our sweatshirts and sweatpants are popular DENNIS items with students of all grade levels due to their functionality and clean looks. Choose from quarter-zip sweatshirts, pullovers or full-zip hoodies to complete a cool-season outfit.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Our classic-uniform-styled cardigans and sweaters offer a traditional finishing look to school outfits. Whether it’s a stylish V-neck, a tidy crew neck or additional fun accents like sleeve striping, our features add uniqueness and fun. Our fabrics are soft to the touch, made with long-lasting, high-strength acrylic yarn that resists shrinkage and wear.

Layering Pieces

Don’t forget about those light layering options! Tights, leggings, knee socks and lightweight long sleeve tees all provide fantastic coverage for crisp days or play at recess in windy weather. Our thoughtful fabric blends give students high-performance wicking and moisture management under other uniform layers so they’re ready to take on any type of day.

As always, we stand behind the quality of all our uniform items, and this means we take special care to ensure that our outerwear products are extra-durable and long lasting for students everywhere. Visit the DENNIS Basics Collection for a selection of our favorite layering and outerwear uniform pieces!

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