DENNIS Logos: Chosen with Care for Every Garment

DENNIS Logos: Chosen with Care for Every Garment

At DENNIS, we work closely with our partner schools to create programs that are functional, comfortable and smart both in looks and design. We know how important it is to provide the right garment choices for students so they can work and play at their best. In addition to our attention to product design, yarn selection, careful manufacturing and quality control, we offer four different types of logos for our uniform pieces. From traditional and classic looks on a jersey polo or on more casual gym wear, we want to make sure every logo looks great and matches the garment it’s with. School partners and DENNIS Customer Success Managers work together to establish the best choices depending on program needs, school goals and the logo design itself. So much goes into the creation of the perfect uniform program, and logos are a very important finishing touch.

Embroidered logos are uniquely designed patterns that are fully embroidered in our facility and then sewn directly onto garments with high-speed machines, creating classic looks with high levels of detail, care and craftsmanship.

Similar to embroidered logos, emblem logos are embroidered patterns but are instead ironed onto garments as a twill patch with a strong and durable heat-activated adhesive. Emblems bring the same classic look of a sewn-on embroidery logo with more application versatility and ease.

Fiberlok logos are created from short fibers carefully arranged to create a soft and textured surface, then are applied to garments with heat and adhesive. Because of their form, these types of logos are not typically used for designs with extra-fine details or elaborate elements. However, Fiberlok logos are extremely durable and are very resistant to cracking, often outlasting the garment they’re added to!

Using partially cured inks and an application of heat to create a true color-matched and durable logo that bonds thoroughly to fabrics, screen printed logos offer a vibrant and colorful look with plenty of movement for activewear and stretch fabrics.

Our options for logos provide flexibility for every program. We’re pleased to provide uniforms to more than 2,000 top schools across the nation – that’s more than half a million students outfitted every day!

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