Fabric Safety and DENNIS Leadership

Fabric Safety and DENNIS Leadership

Here at DENNIS Uniform, our goal is to design and manufacture high-quality products that exceed both industry standards and customer expectations. We focus on responsibly manufacturing items to provide students with comfortable, durable, dependable and safe school uniforms.  

Fabric Technology 

We carefully select our raw materials for quality, performance, comfort and safety. At DENNIS, we use contemporary yarn and fabric technology rather than chemical finishes to create better performing, stain-resistant clothing, and maintain a strict safety protocol for all raw materials as well as finished garments. We test all fabrics according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and closely follow federal regulations for apparel production to ensure our items are always in compliance with current safety standards.  

PFAS and Uniforms  

At DENNIS, all the items we manufacture are per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS)-free. We rely on quality manufacturing and raw material selection instead of using these chemicals on our items. Environmental sustainability and stewardship are priorities for DENNIS, as are the health and wellbeing of both our customers and our staff.  

Exemplary Practices 

Best in class is a phrase we use frequently at DENNIS – as our company’s mission to provide top-quality products and service, and among our team as we work to grow and evolve our practices for the future. We know our school partners strive for excellence in their educational programs that prepare young people to become smart and engaged citizens, and we aim to support these goals by providing the uniforms they deserve.  

The wellbeing of our customers has always been crucial throughout our 100+ years of business, and we remain dedicated to this priority. To read more about our product compliance practices, safety protocols and sustainability initiatives, please visit https://www.dennisuniform.com/pages/product-compliance-sustainability.   

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