Core Values – Simplicity: Three Ways to Make it Easy for Your Customers

November 13, 2020

“We make it easy” is a phrase that many companies say, but when customer experience is considered, is it truly lived out? Creating an effortless experience for your customers is crucial in generating loyalty and a positive brand perception. In fact, this 10-year-old article by the Harvard Business Review still rings true: over perks, more than freebies, reducing effort for the customer – making it easy at every point of their experience is the ultimate driver of loyalty. 

Whether it’s service, manufacturing, retail or hospitality, here are three ways to make it easy for your customers. 

How to Make It Easy for Your Customers: Three Ways

  1. Be Your Own Customer. Take a step back. Act like you’ve never used your own product or services before. Once you go through every step of the process a customer might, you’ll see firsthand how your company and its offerings serve your customers. This will open your eyes to pain points, confusing messaging, convoluted UX / UI on your website and so much more.

  1. Commit to Consistency. Any good business knows that at certain times, pivoting is necessary (hello, pandemic). But constantly reorganizing the customer experience or shifting your company’s targets creates a foggy view of who your company is, what your company does and honestly, whether you have your ducks in a row, so to speak.

  1. Include Your Team. Your employees – the ones who design, manufacture, work with and talk about your products know it best – and it goes without saying that they know the pain points of your product or service, too. When it comes to having ideas about how you can make it easy for your customers – the ones who deliver the products or services and talk with your customers are your front-line resource.

These are all simple moves you can make within your own operations to make it easy for your customers. Solutions like these pay off in dividends – helping your business prosper, standing out among your competition and keeping your customers coming back.

Established in 1920 in Portland, Oregon, 2020 marked 100 years of expertise from DENNIS Uniform. Celebrating a century of school partnerships and three generations of satisfied families, DENNIS Uniform is the largest school uniform provider in the United States. DENNIS is proud to publish this series of articles on living out our Core Values: Simplicity, Trust, Focus, Reliability and Leadership.