DENNIS Fabrics Find New Purpose

DENNIS Fabrics Find New Purpose

The unfolding COVID-19 crisis put our DENNIS Portland manufacturing team on a new mission: temporarily shifting from exclusively making our tried and true specialty uniform items to making reusable, washable protective barrier masks for local healthcare workers.

We enlisted the technical guidance of local doctors and nurses to develop a triple-ply mask using existing DENNIS fabrics. The masks meet the CDC guidelines for emergency use and as a reusable "cough" cover.

The protective face coverings were sewn in our Portland factory while adhering to the OR-OSHA workplace social distancing specifications.

DENNIS has manufactured and donated over 10,000 reusable masks to front-line healthcare workers, and to as many employees and schools as possible.


“We could not be more honored to be able to share our expertise and experience, normally reserved for students and schools, with front line healthcare workers in need.”

—Thomas Shipley, Founder and Chairman of DENNIS Uniform

From Our Instagram Followers

“We love what you are doing!”

—Stratford School

“Wonderful! Thank you, Dennis Uniform.”

—Annie Wright School

“Love this. Great job Dennis Uniform.”

—Saint Joseph School

“This is amazing Dennis Uniform! I've always loved the quality of your uniforms and now admire how you have stepped up to help during these challenging times. Such a great organization.”

—DENNIS Uniform Instagram Follower

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