Uniforms for Active Students

Uniforms for Active Students

After more than 100 years designing uniforms, we understand the importance of comfort. How a student feels in their clothing can help determine their success, impacting their capacity to participate, their overall self-confidence and their ability to move freely between activities whether in the classroom or on the playground. Our top-quality uniforms include many features like reinforced knees, tagless labels and drop-tail hems on polos that bring increased comfort and function into students’ lives, promoting healthy lifestyles through natural activity.

Built for Movement

Our focus on garments that support movement begins with yarn selection and initial fabric development. Starting with a solid base ensures that DENNIS products are comfortable and durable to match students in all activities! Our fabrics are created with our guarantee in mind, which means all pieces need to hold up to at least a full year’s worth of normal wear and tear, including many home washes and dries. Our Tech line of uniforms provides advanced two-way stretch features in both tops and bottoms, which allows for all types of motion both in and outside the classroom. We also offer multiple weave options in selected categories of garments, which can allow students with preferences or special needs to find the materials they require.

Activity-Focused Moisture Management

We know students need uniforms that work hard to keep them cool and collected. Our Tech polos feature additional moisture management, using innovative fabric technology to wick excess moisture away from the skin and out into the exterior of the garment where it can evaporate rapidly. Across all our products, our fabric selections are our top priorities, making sure the helpful features of our items like moisture management are built from the inside out for longevity instead of needing to rely on harsh chemical finishes that may fade over time.

Protection from the Elements

DENNIS students live all across the nation and experience a variety of environments, from high heat and humidity in the south of Florida to chilly midwestern winters and everything in between. We’ve created uniforms that offer features to counteract and balance these different climates, including high UPF sun protection to keep skin safe and multiple categories of outerwear for cooler regions, like plush microfleece jackets and vests plus water-resistant jackets to help students stay dry in the rain. To provide more options to schools, we also supply our partners’ programs with a selection of layering pieces and underlayer garments like leggings to wear under skirts and jumpers on cool days or for extra modesty and coverage – perfect for customizing to individual school needs.

Our Product Development team is continuously creating new uniform items utilizing the most current fabric technology to support the students who wear our uniforms every day, pursuing and testing new features for comfort, garment lifespan and overall durability of wear. Learn more about our approach to products at https://dennisuniform.com/pages/our-products!

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