Welcome to DENNIS! Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, we’ve been designing uniforms and uniform programs for nearly a century. We’re proud to partner with schools and families as they work to bring their educational vision to life.

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What great uniforms are made of

Tailor-made uniform solutions for schools begin and end with DENNIS. We help our schools design a custom look with many plaids, colors and styles to choose from, a wide range of logo applications, and the very best service — all from the uniform experts.


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Why uniforms matter

The pressure tied to fashion in schools can be intense. That’s where a uniform comes in. With a uniform program, schools eliminate the socioeconomic tension driven by fashion trends and high-end brands only some families can afford, while increasing safety on campus and distinguishing students within their community.


Uniforms are practical, economical, reinforce a school’s traditions and educational vision—and they make it a snap to get ready for school!



What’s in a uniform?

A successful uniform program combines the best classic styles, our durable fabrics, comfortable separates, fun accessories and the finishing touch: your school’s unique identity.


  • ➊ Start with your school’s unique color palette.
  • ➋ Select a plaid to really make things pop.
  • ➌ Choose your styles! Tops, bottoms, winter and summer — we’ve got you covered.
  • ➍ Add your school’s logo.



Plaid possibilities

We’re serious about plaid. DENNIS has the largest selection of plaids in the industry!


Whether your school’s tartan is already a proud tradition or you’re coming up with a whole new look, DENNIS has the options to help you confidently choose the plaid that’s just right for your school.



Classic styles, better than ever

Crisp oxfords, pleated skirts or jumpers, and neat twill pants nail down a formal look. Comfortable polos, skorts and walk shorts take students through their school week. Top it off with a sweater, cardigan or classic blazer. Add an extra kick with socks, ties and accessories in every plaid. Gym wear and outerwear, too!



Logos make it yours

Your school has a great brand, and we’ve got the tools to make it shine across all the pieces in your uniform program.


Our decorations capabilities run the gamut — screen prints, embroidery, emblems, Fiberlok and more. With our in-house brand development team, you’re in good hands. We’ll make sure your school’s logo wear looks top-quality and on brand, every time.



Let’s start a conversation.

We’d love to tell you more about how a uniform program from DENNIS can help support your school’s educational vision. Fill out our quick info request form, and your local DENNIS representative will contact you soon!