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Parent & Educator Resource Hub

Helpful information, educational resources and ideas to make learning fun. 




General Resources

Federal Departments, Pediatric & Medical Resources, Nonprofits




Home Study Environment Resources

The right learning environment sets up every child for success. 


  • ConnectionsAcademy - how to create an organized classroom in a limited space.
  • HGTV's Homework Haven - how to set up the perfect remote learning station for kids. 
  • The Spruce - from closets to hallways, 20 innovative homework stations for kids and teens.
  • HealthyChildren.org - tips on successfully transitioning to working and learning at home.
  • Red Tricycle - advice for parents who are working from home with kids in online-school. 
  • Parents.com - creating a work-from-home schedule with kids that won't cause stress.
  • PBS Parents - helpful reminders about making routines in this "new normal".



Educator & Distance Learning Resources

Whether it's full-time, a tutoring session or a sick day, these helpful resources enrich remote education.



Just For Fun

There are endless online recommendations for activities, themes, tutorials, etc that are just plain fun and entertaining. Here are some of our favorites.


  • Young Chef's Club - America's Test Kitchen Kid's site is full of recipes and activities for the kitchen.

  • Forkly for Kids - Dig in! There are tons of recipes and snack-y projects for kids to help make.

  • Animals, Animals, Animals! Live streams, TV Shows and more. 
    • Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium
    • Koala Cam - San Diego Zoo
    • Farm Cam - Wisconsin Pasture Farm Sanctuary
    • Bear Cam - Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park
    • Bird Cams - AllAboutBirds.org, Cornell University's ornithology lab. 
    • San Diego Zoo - even more live cams! Pandas, penguins and more.
    • Animal Planet - full episodes of Too Cute, The Zoo, The Aquarium and more. 
    • The Cornell Lab - Cornell University's Ornithology Department focuses on bird education for K-12. 



  • Music, Art, Literature & More - museums, concerts, plays & culture for the whole family. 




Is there anything we missed? If you know of other great resources, please send the link our way and we will add it. This resource page is for you, by you, and will be updated regularly.