Welcome to DENNIS! Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, we’ve been designing uniforms and uniform programs for nearly a century. We’re proud to partner with schools and families as they work to bring their educational vision to life.

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About our brand assets

The partnership programs DENNIS creates for the schools and businesses we serve often include sponsorships, donations, fundraisers and uniform financial aid.


If you’re one of our partner schools, you might have a need to use one or more of our brand assets. Common applications include sponsorship t-shirts, banners, signage and advertise-ments in print or digital publications.


By using the DENNIS brand assets, you agree to follow this policy as well as our Terms of Service. If you have any questions, give us a call! National Customer Service 800.854.6951. Or, send us an email.



Brand standards & policies


To preserve the consistency of our brand, use the DENNIS master logo (A) whenever possible. If needed, a horizontal variant (B) is also available. The shield mark (C) and tag mark (D) should be used in a supplemental manner only.

  • The DENNIS master logo must be 1 inch wide at minimum.
  • Please observe minimum size requirements for variants as shown on this page.
  • Clear space around logo and all variants must be the width of the capital letter “D” or wider.
  • All artwork must be scaled uniformly (no distortions).
  • All fonts are outlined; all artwork is vector; please do not rebuild or substitute fonts.
  • Our colors are Pantone 404C (grey) and Pantone 1235C (gold).
  • “D” and stitching in shield are white and not reversed out of shield (unless logo is presented as single-color).
  • If logo is to be used as a single-color, it must be black, white or Pantone 404C only.
  • Use multicolor logo with grey lettering on white backgrounds only.
  • Substitute white for grey lettering when using multicolor logo on any non-white background, which must be equivalent to 50% gray or darker.
  • Use white-only logo only on backgrounds equivalent to 50% gray or darker.
  • Use black-only logo only on backgrounds lighter than 50% gray.
  • Use Pantone 404 Grey logo on white backgrounds only.



  • Don’t recolor, apply outlines, drop shadows or other effects to the logo. Only use our official colors as specified in these usage guidelines.
  • Don’t distort the logo artwork or in any way rearrange the logo elements. Scale all artwork uniformly.
  • Don’t display the logo on an inappropriately colored background (see usage guidelines above) or a patterned/photographic background.
  • Don’t change or rebuild artwork or fonts in any way.
  • Don’t use older versions of our logo.


dennis-logo-variants dennis-brand-colorways-misuse

Brand assets

Download the .zip file corresponding to the DENNIS logo variant you need. Each .zip file contains EPS (print) and PNG (web) artwork files in the following color formats (except the Tag Mark, which is only available in color):

  • The standard color logo with DENNIS grey and gold (white backgrounds)
  • The standard color logo with DENNIS grey and gold, all white lettering on (50% gray or darker backgrounds)
  • A DENNIS grey version (white backgrounds)
  • A black-only version (lighter than 50% grey backgrounds)
  • A white-only version (50% gray or darker backgrounds)