Welcome to DENNIS! Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, we’ve been designing uniforms and uniform programs for nearly a century. We’re proud to partner with schools and families as they work to bring their educational vision to life.

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Frequently asked questions




Q: How can families shop for their DENNIS uniforms?


A: Three easy ways to shop include:




Q: Where can I find a list of our school’s uniform requirements to share with families?


A: In your school’s customized web store!

Families can see their uniform options dialed in by grade or gender, or download a PDF list of your entire school uniform program (available in the web store page footer).



Q: Is there a “shop DENNIS” button I can easily add to my school website, that links directly to my school web store?


A: Yes! Click here to get a custom link.

We even have a selection of button and banner artwork you can add if you like!



Q: How easy is it for families to return or exchange items?


A: It couldn’t be easier with our Quick Return system!

Our online process is fast, easy, processed through your local store for lightning-fast turnaround – and we ship exchange items to families for free. Returns and exchanges can also be made at your local DENNIS store.



Q: How can families find out about promotions?


A: Visit our Promotions page!

Click the “sign up now!” button and follow the instructions to join our email list and receive notifications about DENNIS promotions and other special offers.



Q: If my school would like to use the DENNIS logo on a sign, banner or communication to our families, how can I get the artwork?


A: Visit our Brand Assets page.

Read through the page to familiarize yourself with the “do”s and “don’t”s of using our brand, and to download artwork at page bottom.



Q: When can changes be made to my school’s uniform program?


A: Every autumn your DENNIS sales representative will meet with your school.

This is the time to review your uniform program and set up any changes you’d like to make. We begin scheduling these review meetings as early as August 1st, and need to meet with you by November 1st in order to ensure we can process any changes in time for the for the following academic year!


We’ll discuss timelines in greater depth during our meeting, but two dates to keep in mind are:

  • November 30th, the last date to add, remove or make changes to CUSTOM items on your uniform program, and
  • April 1st, the last date to add or remove CLASSIC items with no customization from your program.

All dates apply to your school’s current academic year, to be implemented the following academic year.