Sizing and Fit at DENNIS Uniform

Sizing and Fit at DENNIS Uniform

We know that sizing and fit are critical for comfort and confidence at every age – especially for school uniforms. Selecting the right size garments for growing students can be a big challenge for parents, and it’s a task that needs revisiting often as students outgrow their clothes. With our extensive experience and broad understanding of the needs of busy families, we’re happy to offer guidance and support to help make finding the perfect fit a simple task – just part of our goal to make uniform shopping easy™!

Helpful Guides

Each year in advance of the back-to-school shopping season kickoff, we send updated versions of our comprehensive Welcome Kit to school administrators and families on our email list to prepare them for all the ins and outs of shopping with DENNIS. In addition to offering detailed step-by-step guides for how to start shopping online, information about our return policy, estimated shipping timelines and our 100% guarantee, we provide thorough size charts with alpha size equivalents and an illustrated guide to taking students’ measurements with helpful tips for sizing up when needed. We also offer a print-and-cut option for properly measuring kids’ feet for shoes – plus, our recommendations for how often to remeasure for growing children!

Inclusive Sizing

We offer the most inclusive sizing options in the industry and are consistently evaluating how our products fit and fulfill the needs of students of many sizes in all different age groups with diverse backgrounds. Because we create uniforms for such a large range of students, we understand the importance of specially designed patterns for each range of sizing to accommodate different bodies. Our Toddler range of sizes is one of our special size collections and offers expanded dimensions in the waist and torso area to comfortably fit little ones through the toddler age period – these items are not just scaled-down big kids’ clothes! We also offer half sizes in some products, slim and husky fits for added or reduced allowance in the waist and leg areas, Juniors, adult sizes and feminine fit versions of many items for an added element of tailoring and style. Many of our jumpers, skirts and other bottoms are designed with quick-growing kids in mind and offer growth-supporting features like adjustable waists and comfortable expansive elastic bands in sizes for younger students.

Custom Dimensions

DENNIS works with schools to design uniform programs that match their brand, values and their students. In addition to offering custom plaid selections, detailed school logo application and many garment color options, we also offer different length hem options for many bottoms, including skirts. Schools or parents can select from adding two or four inches in length for aesthetics, modesty or just to accommodate for growth. Additionally, some of our larger sizes for pants come unhemmed to allow for leg length variation in older students.

We’re excited to offer all these options to help give students the right fit in their uniforms, so they can feel comfortable and ready to devote their focus to school studies and activities.

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