The Bottoms that put DENNIS at the Top

The Bottoms that put DENNIS at the Top

Here at DENNIS Uniform, our product development team is continually evaluating our fabrics, patterns and processes, looking for innovative ways to improve the performance and endurance of our school uniforms for students of all ages. Over the last few years, tech fabrics and stretch twill fabrics have begun to stand out for their durability, flexibility and comfort. Perfect for those transitional spring and fall seasons, we’ve produced pants, shorts, skirts and skorts from these advanced fabrics, and they’ve quickly become the favorite bottoms of students and faculty at many of our schools. So, what are tech fabric and stretch twill fabric all about? Read on to discover the bottoms that keep DENNIS Uniform at the top of the class! Let’s start with our newest and most groundbreaking fabric to date.  

Tech Fabrics – From the Classroom to the Ballfield

There’s something timeless about a classic uniform. Kindergarten to high school, every student looks polished and ready for every day. But for every student, every day brings a lot of movement. That’s what DENNIS had in mind when we designed our tech line. Polos, pants, shorts and a skort that are sophisticated for the classroom and offer the freedom of motion for a game of dodgeball. These breathable garments hold fast to dress uniform tradition while ushering in the modern technologies: two-way stretch in contemporary lightweight polyester and moisture-wicking innovation. Added to your school uniform program as pants or shorts, boys and girls alike will want to wear these garments every day. 

Not quite ready to embrace tech wear, but still looking to blend the classic dress bottom with something a little more on the contemporary ng for.  

Stretch Twill – Old School Meets New School

When stretched to our limits, how do we bounce back? Do we recover with the same vigor we had at the beginning or are we left feeling depleted and worn out? It seems that stretch is only as good as its recovery – which is most certainly true for fabric. That’s why we created the stretch twill line – our traditional Irvington flat front dress pant uses the same tough yarns with an added 3% spandex for a resilient stretch that bounces back to its original great shape – no baggy knees or saggy seats to be found, even after a day’s worth of wear. Available in pants for a tailored look or shorts for warmer months, these comfortable contemporaries will quickly become a uniform staple. 

No matter which uniform bottom you choose for your uniform program, you can be confident in every fabric and every style from DENNIS Uniform. We stand behind our products, backing every garment with a 100% guarantee. 
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